This file comprises a collection of nearly 1000 black & white images by Gerard Malanga depicting various aspects of erotica and the nude. The following is excerpted from Gerard Malanga's Preface to his collection, Good Girls, published in Japan in 1994.

It is in the "revealing," in the undressing, not in the nude, that the gesture becomes sexually arousing, because one becomes subliminally involved in a sexual, intimate experience. This experience becomes even more heightened when the situation involves photography, simply that the naked body has been one of the first uses of the medium. Photographing a girl nude, or in the act of undressing, provides me with the means to realize those situations that otherwise remain memories in the mind's eye.

I discovered early on that girls love to be photographed nude because the pictures they see reveal to them the extent of what they previously were unable to see in discovering their true likeness. These pictures, then, extend the significance of those private moments in time.

Note: Complying with federal law, all model releases required under Title 18, U.S.C. Section 2257 are on file with Archives Malanga. Sale to minors prohibited. All models that appear in these pictures and on which this statement appears are over the age of 18 years.

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0033 After School, 1985

0035 déshabille, 1982

0036 The Golden Hour, 1980

0039 Self-portrait with model, 1989

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