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Malanga Archive --- Warhol/Factory related
0001 Marie Menken and Gerard Malanga in The Gerard Malanga Story : The Lost Reel, 1966.
0002 Warhol Factory group shot, 1968.
0004 Andy Warhol in Piero Heliczer's Joan of Arc, 1966.
0005 Andy Warhol film portrait, 1964.
0006 Andy Warhol photobooth portraits, 1964.

Malanga Archive - Malanga related
0046 Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol discussing a camera set-up for filming a Screen Test at the Factory, 1965
0047 Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga sweeping up the Factory floor, 33 Union Square West, 1969
0049 Loulou de la Falaise, Ca. 1968

Malanga Film Stills
0008 Bob Dylan and Gerard Malanga from Malanga's Film Notebooks, 1965
0009 Jack Smith reading Batman comics from Malanga's Film Notebooks, 1964.
0073 Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, 1966
0074 Luigi Barzini on the grounds of his home on the outskirts of Rome in a shot taken by Gerard Malanga for his film, In Search of the Miraculous, 1967
0076 Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, and Gerard Malanga for Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks, 1965
0078 The concluding scene from Andy Warhol: Portraits of the Artist As A Young Man. A film by Gerard Malanga, 1964-65

Velvet Underground
0068 Nico, contactsheet fragment, Ca. 1962
0069 Andy Warhol acompanying Nico, MC for a Late Night Horror movie series on a local TV station, Boston, Ca. 1966
0070 Angus MacLise, the original percussionist member of the Velvet Underground, passport photo, 1966
0071 Nico, 1966

Poets & Writers (Portraits)
0010 Charles Bukowski, 1972
0011 William Burroughs in front of Burroughs Corp. Executive hdqtrs, 1975
0012 William Burroughs at home in his flat, St. James', London, 1972
0013 Brion Gysin and William Burroughs at their flat in St. James', London, 1972
0014 William Burroughs and Frank Zappa at The Nova Convention, 1978
0015 John Cage, 1974
0016 Jim Carroll, 1971
0017 Robert Creeley and Spot, 1973
0018 Lawrence Durrell, 1970
0019 Allen Ginsberg, 1971
0020 Robert Lowell, 1970

Photographers (Portraits)
0021 Robert Mapplethorpe, 1971
0048 Imogen Cunningham, 1973

Art related (Portraits)
0022 Jasper Johns, 1971

Music related (Portraits)
0023 Duke Ellington, 1971
0024 Mick Jagger, 1970
0025 Thurston Moore. Live at The Cooler, 1998
0026 Iggy Pop, 1971
0027 Keith Richards in his backyard, 1977
0028 Patti Smith in subway, 1971
0029 The Velvet Underground and Nico with Andy Warhol, 1966
0030 The Velvet Underground, 1966

Film related (Portraits)
0032 Joe Dallesandro and Cindy Lee, 1971
0044 Roman Polanski, 1972
0075 Taylor Mead, 1971

Celebrities (Portraits)
0050 Andrew Wylie in the London Tube, 1972
0051 Lotte Lenya, 1974
0052 Edie Sedgwick photobooth portrait from Gerard Malanga's objet photomaton series, 1966
0053 Loulou de la Falaise, 1971
0054 Zero Mostel, 1975
0055 Candy Darling visits Gerard Malanga at 6 in the morning, having locked herself out of her flat, 1971

Couples (Portraits)
0057 Governor Mario Cuomo designated Robert Creeley, official New York State Poet Laureate, 1989
0058 Andy Warhol and Parker Tyler, 1969
0059 Terry Southern and Larry Rivers, 1974
0060 Andy Warhol and Truman Capote, 1980
0061 John Rechy and Charles Bukowski, 1973
0062 Brion Gysin and Gerard Malanga, 1978


0033 After School, 1985
0034 Marble of flesh, 1987
0035 déshabille, 1982
0036 The Golden Hour, 1980
0037 Venereal ardour, 1990
0038 Pia unabashed, 1995
0039 Self-portrait with model, 1989

N.Y.C. Cityscapes
0042 Last day of the 3rd Avenue El, photo by Gerard Malanga, May 2,1955.
0043 The 3rd Avenue El in semi-dismantled state, photo by Gerard Malanga, Oct, 1955.

Malanga Archive -- Warhol / Factory related
Cutrone, Ronnie. portrait of Gerard Malanga. 1966
Dali, Salvador, Gerard Malanga, and Mary Woronov. 1966
Dallesandro, Joe & Gerard Malanga. at The Factory. 1969
Darling, Candy. meets Jane Fonda for the first time at The Factory. 1966
Dylan, Bob / Andy Warhol / Gerard Malanga. Filmstripts from Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks. 1965
Ingrid Superstar. photomat portrait by Gerard Malanga. ca. 1966
International Velvet & Gerard Malanga. International Velvet at the time 17, depicted in four color snapshots, Cambridge, MA. 1966
International Velvet & Gerard Malanga. photomaton. 1966
International Velvet & Gerard Malanga. 1966
International Velvet & Rene Ricard. on rooftop of The Factory. 1966
International Velvet. from pre-Raphaelite Dream, a film by Gerard Malanga. 1968
Malanga Gerard & Baby Jane Holzer. in front of Warhol's painting The 13 Most Wanted Men, The Factory, 1964
Malanga, Gerard & E.P.I.. Gerard Malanga choreographing his strobelight dance to the live music of Velvet Underground. 1966
Malanga, Gerard & Edie Sedgwick. in Warhol's Vinyl-Roll #1 & 2, 1965
Malanga, Gerard & Rene Ricard / Malanga & Paul Morrissey / Malanga &
Tony Kinna / Malanga & John Wieners. photomaton portraits.
Malanga, Gerard & Mary Woronov. at the Dom posing for The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, 1966 Malanga, Gerard & Mary Woronov. performing for film-segment of The Exploding Plastic Inevitable by Warhol. 1966
Malanga, Gerard with Dan Cassidy, Chuck Wein. NYC, 1965
Malanga, Gerard. Announcement for poetry reading by Malanga, to commemorate Warhol's Flower paintings exhibit at Leo Castelli Gallery. Typography designed by Julia Warhola. Malanga, Gerard. reading to a live audience his Fashion and Disaster poems, commemorating Warhol's Flower paintings exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery. 1964
Malanga, Gerard. at a moment of rest during one of his choreographed dances to the live music of Velvet Underground.
Malanga, Gerard. at Warhol Factory, 1965
Malanga, Gerard. by Andy Warhol. 1966
Malanga, Gerard. choreographing his weight-lifting dance to the live music of Velvet Underground. 1966
Malanga, Gerard. front and back covers of Screen Tests / A Diary by Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol.
Malanga, Gerard. in appropriated fashion by Warhol for Poetry & Fashion runway show. ca. 1968 Malanga, Gerard. on Couch at Factory, 1964 (Andy Warhol in bkgd of one frame)
Malanga, Gerard. performing his strobelight choreography for Velvet Underground, The Balloon Farm. 1966
Malanga, Gerard. portrait by Warhol, ink drawing. ca. 1964
Malanga, Gerard. wearing Warhol's Troy Donahue t-shirt. Color Polaroid by Arman. ca. 1964
Mead, Taylor, Wyn Chamberlain, Andy Warhol, and Gerard Malanga. in the photomat. 1963
Mead, Taylor. passport photo. ca. 1963
Menken, Marie & Gerard Malanga. on the set of The Gerard Malanga Story 1966
Monroe, Marilyn. the original Hollywood publicity portrait, adapted for the actual silkscreen that was used to make the series of silk-screen paintings by Warhol. 1962
Morrissey, Paul. 1969
Nicholson, Ivy / Henry Romney. Ca. 1964
Sedgwick, Edie & Gerard Malanga. at Slug's Bar. 1965/'66
Sedgwick, Edie & Gerard Malanga. at The Factory 1965
Sedgwick, Edie & Gerard Malanga. stepping into limousine for the drive out to the airport for their flight with Andy to Europe. 1965
Sedgwick, Edie, Chuck Wein, and Gerard Malanga. as they appeared in The Factory shortly before departing with Andy for trip to Europe. 1965
Sedgwick, Edie. a last-minute portrait of her at The Factory just moments before her departure for Europe. 1965
Sedgwick, Edie. photomat assemblage. 1966
Warhol Factory. Roll #1-4 Filming of Couch. 1965
Warhol Factory. Campbell's soup can boxes. 1964
Warhol Factory. Gerard Malanga & Gloria Wood on Factory rooftop, ca.1964
Warhol, Andy / Lita Hornick. silkscreen portrait titled Lita Curtain Star. 1966
Warhol, Andy & Edie Sedgwick. at The Scene. 1965
Warhol, Andy & Fred Hughes. at The Factory. ca. 1969
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. about to clean a silk-screen at The Factory. ca. 1964
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. cover for the first issue of Interview vol. 1, #1. 1969
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. in the earliest known photomaton together. ca. 1963
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. photomat pictures. ca. 1966
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. Photomaton. ca. 1965
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. posing beside Warhol's example of a decorated Christmas tree for the Hallmark Greeting Card annual Celebrity Christmas Tree Decoration event. The Factory. 1965
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. sweeping up The Factory flr. 1969
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. the first day on the job at the Firehouse. 1963
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. The Young Mod, thermofax mixed-media. ca. 1964
Warhol, Andy & Gerard Malanga. Che Guevera, portrait of death, (used for silkscreen) 1968
Warhol, Andy & Parker Tyler. at The Factory. photo by Gerard Malanga. ca. 1969
Warhol, Andy, Edie Sedgwick, and film-maker/poet Piero Heliczer. at The Factory between takes for the filming of Couch. 1965
Warhol, Andy, Gerard Malanga, and John Cale. in the Horn & Hardart Automat. 1966
Warhol, Andy, Gerard Malanga, and John Wieners. photomaton. 1963
Warhol, Andy, Gerard Malanga, and Philip Fagan. photomaton assemblage by Andy Worhol. 1964
Warhol, Andy, Gerard Malanga, and Serge Bourgignon, director of Sundays and Cybele. ca. 1966
Warhol, Andy, Gerard Malanga, Benedetta Barzini, and Rene Ricard. at the inaugural opening of the Whitney Museum of American Art. 1966
Warhol, Andy, Gerard Malanga, Bob Colacello, Ronnie Cutrone, Gigi Williams, Tony Shafrazi, Jackie Curtis, Bobby Miller, Don Snyder, Marisol, Jeff Goldberg, Anton Perich. at Jamie Wyeth exhibit, Kokerr Gallery, ca. 1978
Warhol, Andy, Henry Geldzahler, and Gerard Malanga. about to demonstrate the silk-screen process on WNET, Channel 13. ca. 1965
Andy Warhol. from Gerard Malanga's film, Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man. tail-end of the movie. 1964
Warhol, Andy. accompanying Nico, MC for a Late Night Horror movie series on a local TV station, Boston. ca. 1966
Warhol, Andy. announcement for Warhol's second exhibit with the Stable Gallery. 1964
Warhol, Andy. as a student at Carnegie Tech, Pittsburgh, PA. ca.1948
Warhol, Andy. as he appeared in the underground movie Joan of Arc by Piero Heliczer, ca. 1966
Warhol, Andy. as seen in The Factory. ca. 1969
Warhol, Andy. b&w Polaroid. 1964
Warhol, Andy. Blue Movie. 1969
Warhol, Andy. cover, front & back, for C Magazine, depicted poets Edwin Denby and Gerard Malanga. 1963
Warhol, Andy. Gerard Malanga & Baby Jane Holzer in the kiss sequence from Soap Opera. 1964
Warhol, Andy. group shot at The Factory 1968
Warhol, Andy. in his townhouse. ca. 1963
Warhol, Andy. in the silver tin-foil latrine in the rear of The Factory. ca. 1966
Warhol, Andy. on the telephone at the 47th St. Factory, 1964
Warhol, Andy. original photo of Warhol used for making the silkscreen for the painting Self-Portrait. 1966
Warhol, Andy. photomaton portrait by Gerard Malanga. 1965
Warhol, Andy. Polaroid picture of Warhol, 1964
Warhol, Andy. portrait at The Factory. ca. 1964
Warhol, Andy. posing in front of one of his paintings from the Death and Disaster series, in the living room of his townhouse. 1963
Warhol, Andy. signed model release.
Warhol, Andy. Up-tight. the original flyer. 1966
Warhol, Andy. visiting NYC. 1950
Warhol, Andy. with ice cream cone in hand, cafeteria, Carnegie Tech, Pittsburgh, PA. ca. 1948 Warhol, Andy. as he looked in 1964.
Woronov, Mary & Gerard Malanga. 1966

Malanga Archives -- Malanga related

Aldan, Daisy. at the main entrance to the High School of Industrial Art, NYC. photo by Gerard Malanga. 1960
Artru, Philippe. photographing Diving Tower at Astoria Swimming-pool. ca. 1985
Ashbery, John. passport photo. ca. 1960
Bang, Joy. star of Andrew Meyer's An Early Clue to the New Direction. 1066
Barker, George. English poet. early 1940's
Barzini, Benedetta & Gerard Malanga. photomaton fragment. 1966
Barzini, Benedetta. 3 photos from film portrait by Gerard Malanga. 1966
Barzini, Benedetta. Film portraits sitting, at The Factory, by Gerard Malanga. 1966
Barzini, Benedetta. photomaton portrait by Gerard Malanga. 1966
Barzini, Benedetta. film portraits by Gerard Malanga. 1966
Burroughs, William & Allen Ginsberg. ca. 1976
Burroughs, William & Gerard Malanga. preparing for a cable TV show of a reading of their works. ca.1978
Campana, Dino. Italian poet. ca. 1920's
Chinmoy, Sri lifting Gerard Malanga. with "Lifting of the World with a
Oneness-Heart" Celebration, photo by Joseph Coplan. 1988
Cohen, Ira. at home with his mother and friends, 1978
Cohen, Leonard. passport photo. ca. 1964
Coplan, Joseph. approaching the George Washington Bridge during the
M.I.S.A. swim-event. color photo by Malanga. 1982
Coplan, Joseph. swims under the George Washington Bridge during the
M.I.S.A. swim-event. color photo by Malanga. 1982
Dali, Salvador & Federico Garcia-Lorca. Barcelona. ca. 1920's
Falaise, Loulou de la. b&w Polaroid. ca. 1968
Falaise, Loulou de la, Alexis de la Falaise, Maurice Hogenboom, Allen
Ginsberg, Bill Berkson, and Gerard Malanga. 1968
Fitzgerald, Edward. Celebrity Comicstrip (I Dunno, Jerry...) 1963
Ford, Charles Henri & Gerard Malanga. in the photomat. 1968
Ford, Charles Henri. portrait painting by Pavel Tchelitchew. n.d.
Forth, Jane. ca. 1969
Fowler, Al. poet. at Park Avenue & 97th Street, 1965
Fugs, performing at the Poets Theatre, St. Mark's Place. Gerard pictured dancing in some of the frames, 1965
Gibran, Kahlil. exhibition. installation photos by Malanga. Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, NYC, 1989
Ginsberg, Allen, with Gerard Malanga, Harry Fainlight, Kate Heliczer, Peter Orlovsky, Harry Smith. in the back room of Cafe Le Metro, NYC, 1964
Heliczer, Piero. H.S. graduation, Forest Hills. 1954
Heliczer, Piero. poster announcing his films. ca. late 1960s
Heliczer, Piero. stills from Lord Byron. 1968
Hendrix, Jimmy. NYC. 1969
Hornick, Lita. portrait by Andy Warhol, 1966
Sacred Ground. site photo of a sexual encounter in Teddy Roosevelt Park. 1982
Katz, Paul. Wagner College Yearbook graduation photo. 1963
Kina, Tony & Gerard Malanga. Rome. 1968
Kusama, Yayoi. Nude Happening with 3 dancers, St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bouwerie. ca. 1967
Maas, Willard & Richard Wright. on the roof of Maas' penthouse, Brooklyn Heights. 1940
Maas, Willard. Ca. 1960 photo by Malanga
Maas, Willard. late 1940's.
Maas, Willard. Professor Maas in the office of the Wagner Literary Magazine, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY. 1961
MacLise Angus. Archival photos, various dates
MacLise, Angus. as he appears in actual movie stills from The Soap Opera & Satisfaction, by Piero Heliczer, 1965-66
Malanga, Gerard & Aram Saroyan. Bolinas, CA. 1972
Malanga, Gerard & Benedetta Barzini. --6 photos from photomaton. 1966
Malanga, Gerard & Benedetta Barzini. at The Factory. 1966
Malanga, Gerard & Benedetta Barzini. in a photography studio. 1966
Malanga, Gerard & Benedetta Barzini. NYC. 1967
Malanga, Gerard & Charles Singer. silkscreening 30-yds of fabric for Rooster Craft ties. 1960
Malanga, Gerard & Daisy Aldan, the teacher. in front of the installation display for New Folder exhibit at Donnell Library, NYC. 1960
Malanga, Gerard & Diane Hersey. sitting outside their private bungalo on vacation at Cozumel, Mexico. 1973
Malanga, Gerard & Eban, his cat. at Malanga's atelier. 1983
Malanga, Gerard & Eban, his cat. color snapshot. 1978
Malanga, Gerard & Eban, his cat. Eban's paw print. 1986
Malanga, Gerard & Eban, his cat. b&w photo. 1982
Malanga, Gerard & Eileen Taft. Athens, Greece. 1972
Malanga, Gerard & Faith Franckenstein. at the NYC Writers Conference,Wagner College, Staten Island. 1962
Malanga, Gerard & Faith Franckenstein. on-site picture of Avenue D that would serve as illustration to Malanga's poem "Avenue D (for Faith Franckenstein)", photo by William Wood. 1962
Malanga, Gerard & Frances Steloff. at NYC Writers Conference awards ceremony. 1962
Malanga, Gerard & Richard Eberhart. University of Cincinnati, OH. 1961
Malanga, Gerard & S. R. Lavin. 1976
Malanga, Gerard & Sherry Mandel. senior students at S.I.A. 1959
Malanga, Gerard & Willard Maas. 1961
Malanga, Gerard & his father. in a photograph taken on Pond Place in the Bronx around the time Gerard made his first photos of the Third Ave El. 1955
Malanga, Gerard & his mother, Emma. on the day of graduated from Creston Junior High School, Bronx. 1957
Malanga, Gerard & his mother, Emma. the Bronx, color Polaroid. ca. 1969
Malanga, Gerard & Mario Schifano. poster designed by Mario Schifano for his show le stelle di mario schifano, Piper Club, Rome. 1967
Malanga, Gerard & Patti Smith. flyer for poetry reading at St. Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie Church, NYC. 1971
Malanga, Gerard & Tuli Kupferberg. ca.1966
Malanga, Gerard & Victor Bockris. at Ocean Club, 1978
Malanga, Gerard & Victor Bockris. cover for UP-TIGHT: The Velvet Underground Story. 1983
Malanga, Gerard & Wehrli Peter. photomaton fragment, Zurich, Switzerland. 1979
Malanga, Gerard, Clark Coolidge, and Aram Saroyan. at the Folklore Center, NYC. ca.1966
Malanga, Gerard, Elsa Morante, and Peter Hartman. photomaton, Rome. 1967
Malanga, Gerard, LeRoi Jones (Amari Baraka), David Shapiro, Bill Berkson, Frank Lima, and Frank O'Hara. Poets panel of the NYC Writers
Conference at Wagner College. 1962
Malanga, Gerard, Patti Smith, Victor Bockris, and Andrew Wylie. in front of a church in London. the morning after Better Books poetry reading. 1972
Malanga, Gerard, Robert Lowell, Robert Harson, Willard Maas (moderator), and Frank O'Hara. Poetry Reading, Wagner College, Fine Arts Festival. 1962
Malanga, Gerard & Cristina Miller. 1970
Malanga, Gerard & his father
Malanga, Gerard & Jackie Katz. 1957
Malanga, Gerard, John Wieners, Mario Anniballi, Sara Salsbury, Bruce Pecheur. 1968
Malanga, Gerard, Wade Stevenson. 1968
Malanga, Gerard. ACT OF (1978)--photo-performance art at The Viewing Room
Malanga, Gerard. cover appropriation design by Malanga for his poem, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1995
Malanga, Gerard. First photos of Gerard in Cincinnati, OH, by Mitch Bartlow. 1960
Malanga, Gerard. Saugerties, NY, 1983
Malanga, Gerard. selfportrait for Village Voice. 1987
Malanga, Gerard. selfportrait. format : photomat-strip. ca. 1954
Malanga, Gerard. U.S. Passport. 1983
Malanga, Gerard. Venice, CA. 1988
Malanga, Gerard. at Jerry Martin's field, 1970
Malanga, Gerard. preparing to shoot a scene for his movie The Recording Zone Operator, Rome. 1968
Malanga, Gerard. filming pre-Raphaelite Dream, Central Pk. 1968
Malanga Gerard. editing the film Vision in his flat on 14th St., 1976
Malanga, Gerard photographs of the Third Avenue El. 1955
Malanga, Gerard. 1956
Malanga, Gerard. age 4, in front of Poe Cottage, Bronx. 1947
Malanga, Gerard. age 5, with Santa Claus at Hearn's Department Store. 1946
Malanga, Gerard. as he looked around the time of his first year at Wagner College. 1962
Malanga, Gerard. at Compo Beach, Westport, CT, photo by Joseph Coplan.
Malanga, Gerard. at the cabin belonging to Gerald Hausman on Lake Buel, Berkshires, MA, photo by Irene Harris. 1973
Malanga, Gerard. at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, photo by Virginia Vincent. 1993
Malanga, Gerard. Bronx. 1954
Malanga, Gerard. Bronx. 1960
Malanga, Gerard. Bronx. ca. 1956
Malanga, Gerard. on penthouse roof of Maas-Menken residence 1960
Malanga, Gerard. Catskills, 1952
Malanga, Gerard. cover appropriation design by Malanga for his poem, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1995
Malanga, Gerard. cover for Autobiography of a Sex Thief. 1984
Malanga, Gerard. cover for chic death. 1970
Malanga, Gerard. graduation yearbook photograph, High School of Art and Design. 1960
Malanga, Gerard. I.D. photo made in local Tibetan photo shop, Dharmsala, U.P., India. 1972
Malanga, Gerard. in Amsterdam, photo by Virginia Vincent. 1993
Malanga, Gerard. in his studio with friend and collaborator, Vincent Vallarino. 1988
Malanga, Gerard. in Paul Goldberg's apartment, photo by Paul Goldberg. 1960
Malanga, Gerard. inside the Graffiti Pier at the Hudson River, photo by Gaile Vazbys. 1983
Malanga, Gerard. in front of the MAHAIWE movie theatre marquee, 1991
Malanga, Gerard. Lamppost, Malanga's first photograph, Bronx. 1954
Malanga, Gerard. official poster for his film program, Rome. 1968
Malanga, Gerard. official press, photo by Asako. 1995
Malanga, Gerard. on the way to Bear Mtn. ca. 1951
Malanga, Gerard. photo by Gaile Vazbys. 1983
Malanga, Gerard. photo by Michael McKenzie. ca. 1976
Malanga, Gerard. photos by Dustin Pittman, ca. 1981
Malanga, Gerard. portraits by Ira Cohen, 1994
Malanga, Gerard. portraits by Larry Rivers, 1969
Malanga, Gerard. photos by John McEwen, ca. 1979
Malanga, Gerard. photomaton fragment. ca. 1960
Malanga, Gerard. portrait photo by Aram Saroyan. 1972
Malanga, Gerard. publicity photo taken in Wuppertal, Germany, photo by Anne Wall. 1992
Malanga, Gerard. reading from his work in front of the exhibition of his photographs at Real Art Ways, Hartford CT, as Charles Giuliano in shadow off to the left photographs the event. 1979
Malanga, Gerard. selfportrait. format : photomat-strip. ca. 1954
Malanga, Gerard. U.S. Passport. 1983
Malanga, Gerard. Wagner Literary Magazine staff Yearbook photo. 1962
Malanga, Gerard. Wagner Literary Magazine staff Yearbook photo. 1963
Malanga, Gerard. with portrait study of himself by Larry Rivers. ca. 1969
Malanga, Gerard. with his mother. 1987
Manganotti, Donatella. obituary tearsheet. 1968
Markopoulos, Gregory. filmclips from The Illiac Passion.
Max's Kansas City exterior. night shot. ca. late 1960s
Mayer, Bernadette. photomaton assemblage. concept : Gerard Malanga. 1969
Menken, Marie/filmmaker & artist, John La Touche/stage writer & librettist. open the first case of champagne at the benefit preview of Narcissus ( by Willard Maas) while invited guests of the special screening hold out their glasses. 1955
Morante, Elsa & Gerard Malanga. Rome. 1968
Murphy, Julia. at the closing for Ira Cohen's exhibition, 1982
Olson, Betty. Betty's legs. n.d.
Olson, Charles & Betty. snapshot.
Ork, Terry & Gerard Malanga. editors of Interview, at The Factory. 1969
Rivers, Larry. color Polaroid, photo by Gerard Malanga. ca. 1969
Ruskin, Mickey, Gerard Malanga, Don Snyder, Anton Perich, Jim
Signorelli, Ellen Barkin, Larry Bell. at Ocean Club, ca.1978
Ruskin, Mickey. restaurant interior, "One University Place" 1982
Saint Gerard Majella.
Schuszler, Alajos & Harry Kirshbaum. 1938
Schuszler, Alajos. selfportrait. 1939
Schwartz, Delmore. late 1930's
Thomas, Dylan, Arther Miller, Willard Maas, Parker Tyler, Amos Vogel, and Maya Deren, panelists for Poetry and the Film symposium sponsored by Cinema 16. Oct. 28, 1953
Vallejo, Cesar. Madrid, photo by Juan Larrea. 1930
Vallejo, Cesar. photo by Juan Larrea. ca. early 1930's
Young, LaMonte & Marion Zazeela. in Southampton. 1968

Malanga film stills
Andy Warhol : Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man. Andy Warhol. A film by Gerard Malanga. 1964
Anniballi, Mario. in a scene from In Search of the Miraculous. 1967
Barzini, Luigi. in a scene from In Search of the Miraculous. 1967
Berenson, Marisa. from Film Notebooks. 1966
Christine X. at Bethesda Fountain, Central Pk., from The filmmaker records a portion of his life in the month of August. 1968 --18 stills
Dali, Salvador & Gerard Malanga. from Film Notebook . 1965-66
Donovan & Gerard Malanga. 1965-66
Donovan. 1965-66
Dylan, Bob / Andy Warhol / Gerard Malanga. Filmstripts from Film Notebooks, 1965 Dylan, Bob & Gerard Malanga. --2 stills
Falaise, Loulou de la, Rene Ricard. from pre-Raphaelite Dream. 1968
Feltrinelli, Giangiacomo. Film portrait by Gerard Malanga. 1966
Garcia-Lorca de los Rios, Isabel. Barnard College, graduating class of 1969
In Search of the Miraculous. the last scene. 1967
International Velvet. from pre-Raphaelite Dream. 1968
Kirkland, Alexandra. from split / screen film Vision. 1969-70
Malanga, Gerard & Christine X. at The Factory, featured in The filmmaker records a portion of his life in the month of August. 1968
Malanga, Gerard. filmclip from pre-Raphaelite Dream, double-screen format, Emma Malanga and closeup of bullrushes.
Malanga, Gerard. filmclip from pre-Raphaelite Dream, John Wieners and Mario Anniballi.
Malanga, Gerard. filmclip from pre-Raphaelite Dream, John Wieners sequence.
Midgette, Allen. in a scene from In Search of the Miraculous. 1967 --2 stills
Richards, Keith, Anita Pallenberg, and Tony Kinna. from The Recording Zone Operator, Rome. 1968
Smith, Jack. reading BATMAN comics, from Film Notebooks . 1965

Stills of assorted filmmakers

Bertolucci, Bernardo. Allen Midgette in a scene from Prime della Rivoluzione (Before the Revolution) 1964
Ford, Charles Henri. Shelley Scott in scenes from Johnny Minotaur 1968 --5 stills
Heliczer, Piero. from Lord Byron. cast : Craig Carrington, International Velvet, Gerard Malanga, Serena Zimardi, Paolo Lionni, Lucienne Samuels, Piero Heliczer, unidentified girl, and Dan Cassidy. 1968
Markopoulos, Gregory. Gerard Malanga as Ganymede, Paul Swan portrays
Zeus, from The Illiac Passion. ca. 1965
Smith, Jack. announcement for benefit screening of Flaming Creatures, sponsored by the Dead Language Press (Piero Heliczer). 1963
Smith, Jack. announcement for midnight screening of Flaming Creatures, Tivoli Theatre. 1963
Smith, Jack. Irving Rosenthal, Joel Markman, Marion Zazeela, and La Monte Young in a scene from Flaming Creatures. 1963
Smith, Jack. Joel Markman & Beverly Grant in a scene from Flaming Creatures. 1963
Smith, Jack. Piero Heliczer & Mario Montez in a scene from Flaming Creatures. 1963

Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground / Lou Reed. at Max's Kansas City, playing his last gig with Velvet Underground. 1970
Velvet Underground / Lou Reed. undergraduate as he appeared in the Syracuse University yearbook. ca. 1963
Velvet Underground. 1/2 pg ad for group's first LP "The Banana Album." 1967
Velvet Underground. during break in a recording session for the LP Loaded.
Velvet Underground. front cover of the actual paperback that inspired the name of the rock group.
Velvet Underground. Nico and Gerard Malanga during an inteview at The Castle in the Hollywood hills, L.A. 1966
Velvet Underground. photos by Gerard Malanga, at The Castle, Hollywood Hills, L.A. 1966
Velvet Underground. Poor Richard's Chicago. poster for Velvet Underground booking. 1966
Velvet Underground. poster, Woodrose Ballroom, Deerfield, MA. ca. 1969
Velvet Underground publicity photo of the group to promote the second LP White Light/White Heat.
Velvet Underground. tearsheet documenting the first night's performance at The Trip, L.A.. 1966
Nico & Gerard Malanga. at The Castle, Hollywood. 1966
Nico. at The Factory. ca. 1966
Nico. Close-up headshot from the original invitation card for The Blue Angel Lounge. 1964
Nico. original contact-sheet fragment. ca. early 1960s
Nico. photo by Gerard Malanga. 1968
Nico. photomaton. 1966
from Andy Warhol's film The Velvet Underground 1966
Morrison, Sterling
Nico --4 stills
Reed, Lou & Sterling Morrison
Nico. movie-still from Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. 1961
from Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks 1966
Cale, John & Sterling Morrison performing in The Paraphernalia
Cale, John, Lou Reed, and Sterling Morrison's backs to camera, performing in The Paraphernalia
Morrison, Sterling & Lou Reed performing in The Paraphernalia
Nico --3 stills
Reed, Lou performing in The Paraphernalia --2 stills
Reed, Lou, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison performing in The Paraphernalia
Reed, Lou. close-up detail of Lou Reed's guitar

Vito Acconci
Daisy Aldan
Donald M. Allen
Michael Andre
John Ashbery
James Atlas
Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)
Timothy Baum
Will Bennett
Bill Berkson
Ted Berrigan
Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
Frank Bidart
Earle Birney
Rosie Blake
Robin Blaser
Robert Bly
Victor Bockris
Ebbe Booregard
Jorge Luis Borges
Joe Brainard
John Broderick
Jim Brodey
Ray Brock
James Broughton
Michael Brownstein
Charles Bukowski
William S. Burroughs
George Butterick
John Cage
Jim Carroll
Hayden Carruth
Joel Carter
Remy Charlip
Tom Clark
Kevin Jeffrey Clarke
Andrei Codrescu
Clark Coolidge
Gregory Corso
Robert Creeley
Edward Dahlberg
Jack Dann
Fielding Dawson
Edwin Denby
Diane Di Prima
Robert Duncan
Lawrence Durrell
Richard Eberhart
Kenward Elmslie
Larry Fagin
Max Feinstein
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Vincent Ferrini
Buckminster Fuller
Charles Henri Ford
John Gardner
Cynthia Genser
Morgan Gibson
Allen Ginsberg
Maurice Girodias
Louise Gluck
Jeff Goldberg
Germaine Greer
John Gruen
Jacik Gulla
Thom Gunn
Brion Gysin
Jessica Hagedorn
Paul Hannigan
Peter Hartman
Gerald Hausman
Stratis Haviaras
Bobbie Louise Hawkins
Jim Haynes
Anthony Hecht
Sally Helgerson
Piero Heliczer
David Henderson
Dick Higgins
Daryl Hine
Jack Hirschman
Edward Hoagland
Abbie Hoffman
John Hollowell
Michael Horovitz
George Hitchcock
Herbert Huncke
Christopher Isherwood
James Jones
Ronald Johnson
Roberta Kalechofsky
Peter Kaplan
Bob Kaufman
Robert Kelly
Ken Kesey
Galway Kinnell
Bill Knott
John Knowles
Peter Kostakis
Jonathan Kundra
Joanne Kyger
Philip Lamantia
William Lane
S. R. Lavin
Lotte Lenya
Annabel Levitt
Paolo Lionni
John Logan
Christopher Logue
Robert Lowell
Robert Lundquist
Lewis MacAdams
Angus MacLise
Jackson MacLow
Judith Mandelbaum
Morton Marcus
Paul Mariah
Harry Mathews
Peter Matthiessen
Rollo May
Bernadette Mayer
Gail Mazur
Michael McClure
Mark McCloskey
Taylor Mead
David Meltzer
Paul Metcalf
Tom Meyer
Hilda Morley
Joachim Neugroschel
Kathleen Norris
Harold Norse
Charles Olson
George Oppen
Terry Ork
Peter Orlovsky
Ron Padgett
Michael Palmer
Stan Persky
Fernanda Sotsass Pivano
George Plimpton
A. Poulin, Jr.
George Quasha
Dorothy Rabinowitz
Dotson Rader
Carl Rakosi
Jarold Ramsey
David Rattray
George Reavey
John Rechy
Lou Reed
Kenneth Rexroth
Charles Reznikoff
Rene Ricard
Mark Rudman
Gene Ruggles
Muriel Rukeyser
Ed Sanders
Stephen Sandy
Pam Sargent
Aram Saroyan
Mark Saunders
Ruth Lisa Schechter
Harris Schiff
James Schuyler
Armand Schwerner
Hugh Seidman
Sam Shepard
Jack Shoemaker
Joan Silber
Charles Simic
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Patti Smith
Gary Snyder
Terry Southern
Stephen Spender
Kathleen Spivack
George Stanley
Bradford Stark
Charles Stein
Terry Stokes
Sheri Sussman
Joe Stroud
Paul Swan
May Swenson
Barbara Szerlip
John Tagliabue
James Tate & William Matthews
Jack Thibeau
John Thorpe
Parker Tyler
Leslie Ullman
Nanos Valaoritis
Tom Veitch
Stephen Vincent
Andrei Voznesensky
Anne Waldman
Lewis Warsh
R. Gordon Wasson
Tom Weatherly
Mark Weiss
John Wellman
Philip Whalen
John Hall Wheelock
Nathan Whiting
John Wieners
Peter Wild
J. Rutherford Willems
Gil Williams
Hugo Williams
Jonathan Williams
Tennessee Williams
George Whitman
Charles Wright
James Wright
Andrew Wylie
Jen X
Jon Yau
Bill Zavatsky
George Zebrowski
Louis Zukofsky

Richard Avedon
Peter Beard
Cecil Beaton
Leee Childers
Ira Cohen
Imogen Cunningham
Benno Friedman
Ralph Gibson & Larry Clark
Richard Kern
Alan Lewis Kleinberg
Robert Mapplethorpe
Billy Name
Dustin Pittman
Don Snyder
Liza Stelle
Val Telberg

Vito Acconci
Don Bacardy
Wallace Berman
Joe Brainard
Francesco Clementi
Heiner Friedrich
Buckminster Fuller
Duncan Hannah
Bob Indiana
Jasper Johns
Ray Johnson
Mike Kelley
Joseph Kosuth
Brice Marden
Alice Neel
Ken Noland
Larry Rivers
Terry Southern
Jim Rosenquist
Andy Warhol

Bardo Pond
Blonde Redhead
David Blue
David Byrne
John Cage
John Cale
Tony Conrad
Alice Cooper
Dr. John
Duke Ellington
Alec Empire
Mimi Farina
Danny Fields
48 Cameras
Pierre Henry
Mick Jagger
David Johansson
Lenny Kaye
Lotte Lenya
Orchestra Luna
Angus MacLise
Thurston Moore
DJ Olive
Terry Ork
Steve Paul
Iggy Pop
Lou Reed
Keith Richards
Patti Smith
DJ Spooky
Damo Suzuki and Michael Karoli from Can
Sonic Youth
Virgil Thomson
Velvet Underground
Johnny Winter
Frank Zappa

Kenneth Anger
Michel Auder
Ellen Barkin
Candy Darling
Joe Dallesandro
Andrea Feldman
Farley Granger
Daria Halprin
Piero Heliczer
Jerry Hiler
Dennis Hopper
Taylor Mead
Sylvia Miles
Paul Morrissey
Zero Mostel
Uschi Obermaier
Anita Pallenberg
Roman Polanski
Nicholas Roeg
Cybill Shepherd
Jack Smith
Warren Sonbert
Terry Southern
Leigh Taylor-Young
Louis Waldon
Andy Warhol
Tuesday Weld
Holly Woodlawn

John Barrymore, Jr.
Berry Berenson
Marisa Berenson
Ray Brock
Pilar Crespi
Joe Dallesandro
Candy Darling
Loulou de la Falaise
Andrea Feldman
Danny Fields
Jane Forth
Cyrinda Foxx
Henry Geldzahler
Larissa Jarzombek
Donna Jordon
Kelly Klein
Jonathan Leiberson
Zero Mostel
Uschi Obermaier
Anita Pallenberg
Brigid Polk
Cybill Shepherd
Fernando Sanchez
Henry Stern
Leigh Taylor-Young
Tuesday Weld
Holly Woodlawn

Peter Beard & Jaimie Wyeth
Berry Berenson & Richard Bernstein
Ted Berrigan & John Ashbery
Ted Berrigan & Herbert Huncke
Ted Berrigan & Ron Padgett
Issac Beshavis Singer & wife
Rosie Blake & Ed Hood
Victor Bockris & Andrew Wylie
Ray Brock & Alice Brock (of Alice*s Restaurant fame )
William Burroughs & Allen Ginsberg
Herb Caen & Marci Grace
Jim Carroll & Bill Berkson (Eleanor Lambert*s son)
Alice Cooper & one of the members of his group
Gregory Corso & father
Edward Dahlberg & Coby Britton
Joe Dallesandro & Cindy Lee
Candy Darling, Jim Hanafy & Leonard
Denis Deegan & Deborah Dixon
Alexis & Louisa de la Falaise and son Daniel
Loulou & Maxime de la Falaise
Mark Frechette & Daria Halprin ( stars of Zabriskie Point by Antonioni)
Andrea Feldman & Betty Stoll, mother
Michael & Alexandra Findlay
Jane Forth & Amy Sullivan
Allen Ginsberg & Robert Lowell
Maurice Girodias & Iris Owen (novelist)
Halston, Berry Berenson & Karen Bjornson
Piero Heliczer, Agneta Freiberg & Joan Fagin
Piero Heliczer (film-maker) & Jed Horne (editor at PEOPLE)
Fred Huges, Berry Berenson & Halston
Robert Indiana & cat
Larissa Jarzombek & Gerard Malanga
Galway Kinnell (poet) & daughter Maude
Calvin Klein & Giorgio di Sant*Angelo
John Knowles (novelist) & dog
Lewis & Phoebe MacAdams
Gerard Malanga & Lucy Saroyan
Michael McClure & Bobbie Creeley
John & Maxime McKendry
Lotte Lenya & cat
Uschi Obermaier & Jonathan Kundra
Ondine & Roger Shapiro
Jim & Gene O'Neill (booksellers)
Andy Paley & Donald Lyons
Steve Paul (rock'n roll tycoon) & Tony Pinck
Sydney Picasso & son, Xavier Anthonioz
Tony Pinck & family
Gino Piserchio & Genevieve Cerf (Christopher Cerf*s wife)
George Plimpton & cat
Paula Pritchett & Paolo Lionni
Rene Ricard & Delia Biddle
Keith Richards & son, Marlon
Keith Richards, Mick Jagger & Mick Taylor (in dressing room)
Larry Rivers & Diane Hersey
Larry Rivers & Howard Kanovitz
Larry Rivers & Clarice Rivers (former wife)
Larry Rivers & Terry Southern
Larry Rivers & Leigh Taylor-Young
Stephen Shore & Sandy Marsh
Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe
Patti Smith & Sam Shepard
Patti Smith & sister, Linda
Anne Waldman & Bernadette Mayer
Andy Warhol, Candy Darling & Steve Brandt
Andy Warhol & Jed Johnston
Andy Warhol & Parker Tyler (film critic / poet)
Holly Woodlawn & boyfriend
Leigh Taylor-Young & son, Patrick
Louis & Celia Zukofsky

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